Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quick Stitch Kits with Papertrey Ink

Does it feel weird to be coming to my blog for the first time during a PTI monthly countdown on the 15th? It feels a little odd to be writing to you finally at such a late date! Good thing I have a great excuse. :)

You likely are aware that after five years of being on the Papertrey Ink Design Team, that I stepped down from my duties, effective this month. Such an incredibly hard decision for me! I cried more than once. I have had such an enjoyable time being a part of it for all these years. And the thought of not counting myself among their ranks still makes me sad.  I told myself when I started in February of 2010, that I'd do it for two years. HA! I went for five. And during those five years, I went from being a mother of one, to a mother of three.  I also went from being hired to do some of the social media management (remember Papertrey Radio?) to a design team member and then on to a product designer for a company I have always considered to be the BEST in the business. A dream come true.

That dream of product designing is exactly what has brought me to this blog post today. The simple concept of stitching dies, which all started one day when I was on the treadmill trying to figure out how this clumsy and inept hand-sewer could make cute felt barrettes for my little girl, has taken off and become something of a phenomenon. Just like me, you have wanted a way to make cute, professional-looking, and personalized felt crafts without any frustration. Even better, we get to combine all that crafty goodness with our paper crafting passion and beloved tools. What's not to love?

Starting on March 1st, I'll be designing and pulling together a bi-monthly kit of dies, stamps, and other assorted sundries for Papertrey Ink called the Quick Stitch Kits. The above photo is a preview of the first one, the Sewing Staples Kit. Oh, there is some fun to be had in pretty organizational products. Stampable iron-on transfer onto satin ribbon, beading, and coordinating stamping products are just a few of the features. Hope you are excited as I am over it!

Outside of the kits, I'll still be a participant in the monthly product releases too. I think February is my only month off this year. You'll be seeing plenty of me on the monthly releases from here on out. Lots of stamps, dies, paper, and even more stitching dies will be released from Chapter 3 Designs on a monthly basis at Papertrey Ink. I'm super busy. And now that I have time and space to let the creativity carry me off down the rabbit hole, only good things are up ahead.

Thanks for all your support, warm comments, and camaraderie over the last five years. And the biggest hug for loving the stitching dies as much as I do. Your enthusiasm for them over the last two years have made what is coming up ahead possible. And thank goodness for it. I don't know what I would do without new stitching dies. They are my favorite too!

I'm being joined on this new venture by a talented quartet of ladies on the Quick Stitch Design Team. We love having new faces around PTI Land. They'll have every release all stitched up.

Tracy Miller
Hilary Kanwischer
Rebecca Luminarias
Lizzie Jones

See you in two weeks! I've got lots to show you.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Release In Review

Things got a little busy last minute around the Lincoln house and I haven't had the time I usually have to do my release projects for Papertrey Ink this month. Nothing ya'll need to worry about, just one of those things. So, I only have one card for you today. I'm hoping that over the course of the next week or two, I can fill in everything else AND do some more projects with Stitched Swirls Stamps and Dies. :)

This card uses both Happy Notes and Banner Banter. The double layer banner die cut is so stunning. It is going to be a real workhorse for you. Just the right place to put a focal point sentiment. 

The extra shades of color in the floral clusters are actual made with generational stamping. Stamp once, don't clean, stamp again for a lighter color...and expanded your ink colors.

As for older products, we've got Congrats All Ways and the Tin Type Impression Plate.

That's it for me. Thanks for stopping by. All new products will be available tonight at 10 PM EST at Happy shopping! 


Stamps: Happy Notes, Banner Banter, Congrats All Ways
Dies: Happy Notes, Banner Banter, Tin Type Impression Plate
Cardstock: Winter Wisteria, Spring Rain, Enchanted Evening, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Royal Velvet, New Leaf, Enchanted Evening

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introducing Baker's Dozen

It's time to celebrate the second Papertrey Ink Group Post Day with thirteen decorated cupcakes in the new Baker's Dozen Collection by Nichole. We've got a cupcake for every month of the year. How fun is that? And the most delightful bannered frame you have ever seen. Shot right up to the top of the list of my favorites.

First up, I've got my birthday month of July represented in this strawberry lemonade cupcake on a gorgeously detailed cake plate. Of course, this could be any variation of strawberry cupcake, just a matter of how you want to color it. I've placed my cupcake with in the Phrase Play #12 frame, underneath the word "party". A old favorite, Strawberry Patch, adds addition thematic elements to the background and provides the word "summertime" for me. Streamers from the Birthday Style Die set help set the summer soiree vibe. Ah...what I wouldn't do for a summer party in July right about now. :)

Next up, I put multiple cupcakes to work on this card. They are the perfect little morsels if you have the coloring itch. Small, fun, and just the right amount of detail to maximize the creative benefit to your mood. Give me 30 minutes of exercise and 30 minutes of strings free creativity a day to keep me happy. :)

Now how about that frame? Is it not the cutest thing? All manner of fun images can fit inside in style. I especially appreciate how the banner can be cut out of a separate color and added on top. 

I used vellum to fill my frame. Not necessary, but I think with the patterned paper it adds a little something. 

Really diggin' this collection. And with a cupcake a month, there is great potential to make some really personalized cards. 

I've got another project for you using my new Stitched Swirls Dies. I created this tag and framed my felt star (Coffee Cozy Detail Collection) with the triple loop die. Not unlike the frame above, come to think of it:). I used the banner from Baker's Dozen to add my sentiment. 

A tip when using stitching dies with floss/string on paper: I like to back them with matching cardstock. Helps the holes fade into the background a bit. So on this one in particular, I just cut two Basic Bookmark 1 dies and covered up the back of the one with the other. 

More inspiration below: 


Summertime Party
Stamps: Baker's Dozen, Strawberry Patch, Phrase Play #12
Dies: Baker's Dozen, Cake Plate, Uncorked, Phrase Play #12, Birthday Style
Cardstock: Sweet Blush, Spring Rain, Lemon Tart, Pure Poppy
Sweet Blush Gingham, Spring Rain Bitty Dot
Ink: True Black, Pure Poppy

Sprinkled with Love Trio
Stamps: Baker's Dozen, No Strings Attached
Dies: Baker's Dozen, Small Scallop Border
Cardstock: Stamper's Select White, Spring Rain, Dark Chocolate
Ink: True Black, Dark Chocolate
Patterned Paper: Sweet Spots, Sparkle and Shine

Celebrate Stitched Tag
Stamps: Baker's Dozen
Dies: Stitched Swirls, Baker's Dozen, Coffee Cozy Details, Basic Bookmark 1
Cardstock: Spring Rain, Aqua Mist
Felt: Simply Chartreuse
Button and Polka Dot Ribbon in Blueberry Sky

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Introducing Secret Agent & Zappy Birthday

Zonkers! Bam! Zap! Welcome to the first Group Post Day of the Papertrey Ink January 2015 countdown. Geez oh pete's, do we have some super fun stuff for you today with Secret Agent and Zappy Birthday. I've been needing sets like these in my stash. Great for kids, both boys and girls. And masculine cards for the grown ups too.

One of the super neat features of Secret Agent is the "secret message" technique you can create with colored transparencies. Here, I filled my stamped and die cut magnifying glass with red transparency. Both the outer frame and "glass" are different dies that work perfectly together for easy assembly.

I also used the greenish blue transparency below to cover up all my stamps and seals. This has the same tone and texture as the red glass of the magnifying glass. The "top secret" seal helps hide my adhesive here.

I attached my magnifying glass to my project with a red brad. This allows it to pivot on my card....

.... so the recipient (my nephew in this case), can move it to line up with the Soft Stone "shadowed" magnifying glass to red the secret message. The message was stamped in Hawaiian Shores and covered up with the distortion stamp in Pure Poppy.  How crazy cool is that?!?!? ADORE this. And my kids can't stop playing with it.

The fun continues to the inside of the card. I have our Secret Agent man giving up some of his secrets. I love the "this message will self destruct" sentiment. Fabulous illustrating on Nichole's part here. I flipped when I saw this guy for the first time.

Moving on, we have another great set of products by Lexi with the Zappy Birthday Collection. There's a new cover plate that gives your backgrounds a comic book look (so versatile...comic books are just the beginning here) and great paper to go with them.

I created by background with the Comic Book Cover Plate and used all the papers. Next, I created a "seal" like all super heroes have on their outfits, but I used a number for a birthday instead. I added the action bubbles from the Zappy Birthday set and die cut the action words with foil paper to give it that super-duper comic look.

I was really struggling with adding my "happy" and "birthday" to my project. It's pretty busy already, so I didn't want to add another color or strong element, but I didn't want those words to get lost either. A drop shadow seemed like the perfect solution. I die cut the words twice, once in True Black, the other in Pure Poppy and one on top of the other. The tone on tone of the Pure Poppy on the patterned paper keeps things subtle, and the slight shading of True Black helps it stand out just enough. Mission accomplished!

Are you excited as I am about these two sets? FABULOUS stuff. Can't wait to see what everybody else does with them.

Everything will be available on the 15th at 10 PM EST in the store. Just a few more days!

Nichole Heady
Betsy Veldman
Dawn McVey
Maile Belles
Heather Nichols
Melissa Phillips
Danielle Flanders
Laura Bassen
Laurie Willison
Ashley Cannon Newell


Secret Agent Card
Stamps: Secret Agent
Dies: Secret Agent
Red and Green Transparency
Cardstock: Aqua Mist, True Black, Stamper's Select White
Ink: Soft Stone, True Black, Hawaiian Shores, and Pure Poppy

Super Hero 7th Birthday
Stamps: Zappy Birthday
Dies: Zappy Birthday, By the Numbers, By the Numbers Mats, Mat Stack 7 Collection, Comic Strip Cover Plate, Birthday Trio, Suffix-Style Dies, Star Gazer
Patterned Paper: Comic Strip Patterned Paper Pack
Foil Paper

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monthly Moments: January

Just popping in here to share my Papertrey Ink Monthly Moment project with ya'll. Snowmen are so "in" right now. I don't know why...I think it has something to do with some animated movie about a princess and her sister somewhere in Scandinavia or somewhere. Can't seem to put my finger on the title of it. Hmmmmm. It's rattling around in my brain but I just can't seem to pin it down. Sigh. Guess I'm just going to have to let it go and hope it comes to me. *Grin*

I busted out an old friend to come play today on this project. Shape Up: Snowman is holding my favorite stamp from Heather's January collection. I used a full sized card from the journal card pack for a background on my 4x6 card. And I used a die from the Happy Notes die collection to make quick work of cutting out the title from the journal card pack also. Super easy card to pull together.

Be back tomorrow with more. Group projects are always super fun.

More inspiration below:

Nichole Heady
Betsy Veldman
Dawn McVey
Maile Belles
Heather Nichols
Melissa Phillips
Danielle Flanders
Laura Bassen
Laurie Willison
Ashley Cannon Newell
Lizzie Jones
Melissa Bickford
Lexi Daly 

Stamps: Monthly Moments: January, Shape Up Snowman Accessories
Dies: Monthly Moments: December, Happy Notes, Shape Up Snowman
Ink: Ocean Tides, Smokey Shadow, Summer Sunrise
Cardstock: Smokey Shadow, Aqua Mist, Ocean Tides. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Heart Bookmark

Hello Papertrey Ink fans! I'm popping in here for the January 2015 countdown to share a project using my new Stitched Swirl Dies. It is a sweet little project that is easy to make and can be done as a special Valentine's Day gift.

I've seen several examples of corner bookmarks shaped as hearts on Pinterest and wanted to see if I could get the same look using the Limitless Layers Heart Stitching Dies and the Limitless Layers Hearts. So love how it turned out!

The corner of your book page fits inside an opening at the top of the two hearts.


1. Die cut a plain heart in Pure Poppy and and a decorative heart mat in Vintage Cream (Limitless Layers Heart Stitches and Limitless Layers Hearts) from felt. Die cut any decorative stitching dies on the Pure Poppy felt heart. In this case, I used the new Stitched Swirl Dies.

2. Sew the decorative details on the heart. Add any other embellishments such as the Bitty Button Stacks.

3. Layer the two hearts together. Beginning at a point 1/3 of the way down from the top, stitch the two hearts together using a running stitch from your starting point, down and around the bottom corner and back up until you get to the stitching hole that is on the opposite side of your starting point. Now reverse and go back in the other direction using a running stitch until you get to your starting point.

4. To create the opening at the top, use a running stitch again to sew through only the Pure Poppy heart along the top until you meet up with the stitches on the other side. Reverse and stitch a running stitch to your starting point.

5. Now sew a running stitch on only the Vintage Cream heart along the top until you meet up with your previous stitches. Reverse running stitch back to the beginning, tie off, and cut.

And here's a clear photo of the new Stitched Swirl Dies. I used two here. This cowboy boot inspired swirl comes in two dies that are mirror images of each other. And, a nice surprise, they fit nicely on the hearts! Bitty Button Stacks add decorative details.

These new dies will be available on January 15th at 10 PM EST at More inspiration below:

Nichole Heady
Dawn McVey
Maile Belles
Heather Nichols
Ashley Cannon Newell
Lizzy Jones
Melissa Bickford
Lexi Daly


Dies: Limitless Layers Heart, Limitless Layers Heart Stitches, Stitched Swirls, Bitty Button Stacks
Felt: Pure Poppy, Hibiscus Burst, Vintage Cream

Monday, January 5, 2015

Couldn't Help Myself

When I saw all the Make It Market: You're a Masterpiece samples last week from the MIM team, I had to bust mine out to play. I need just a *little* creative time everyday for my piece of mind. LOL! So happy I have an outlet for that.

I actually made three cards and three easel pieces (so far!). On this card, I wanted to pair the city skyline stamp with the bikes from Kid Kudos. Perfectly sized. And because there is a boy and girl bike in the set, I thought it would pair up with the Text Block: Love Die from Lizzy this month. It got a graduated treatment with my Copics.

The skyline also got a touch of light color with Copics too. Just the top 2/3's. 

Super fun kit by Betsy. It's available tonight at 10 PM EST at The more I work with it, the more possibilities are revealed. Truly love it!